Epic 48 Hours 5.0: The Movie

San Diego's Z90 & Morton In The Morning Pull Off Biggest Radio Promotion In The World... Again!

Epic 5.0 Features Most Star Power To Date!

SAN DIEGO, CA – San Diego’s Official Hit Music Station, Z90, announced the launch of #EPIC48Hours 5.0: THE MOVIE, starring Rick Morton and his Epic winners, now showing on Facebook and Z90.com.


#EPIC48Hours 5.0: THE MOVIE highlights the fifth installment of San Diego’s premier benchmark promotion, #EPIC48Hours, which has been dubbed “The World’s Biggest Radio Promotion” and is centered on one winner and their guest and the most Epic 48 hours of their life.  The contest has three rules and one guarantee: 1) Be willing to go anywhere, 2) Be willing to do anything, and 3) Be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. The guarantee: The most EPIC 48 hours of your life.

This time, the winners, Tabitha Exceen and Sarah Leoncini, were among 100 finalists who spent one Epic night at Harrah’s Resort So Cal for a special #Epic48Hours pre-party that included a Q&A from past Epic winners and a stay for everyone at the hotel. The following morning, the winners were chosen and soon on their way to experience the most Epic 48 hours of their life!

#Epic48Hours 5.0 started with a stop in Los Angeles to meet Jimmy Kimmeland party with The Chainsmokers in the girls’ own Hollywood Hills mansion. The next morning it was breakfast in Burbank with Halsey and then over to Las Vegas for lunch and a private tour of Steve Aoki’s insane pad.

Rick and the winners then arrived at Sundance Helicopters for a private charter, landing inside the Grand Canyon for a champagne picnic, before heading to the next destination: the magical Sedona, Arizona. Friday started with a jeep tour of the Sedona canyons before heading east to San Antonio, where they met 210 native Ally Brooke, who put aside an entire afternoon to show off her city to Rick and our winners. Along with an assist from The City of San Antonio, Tabitha and Sarah were treated to a private tour of The Alamo, a river cruise in their own boat and lunch 750 feet in the sky, high atop The Tower of the Americas.

There was just enough time for Tabitha and Sarah to freshen up inside their presidential, two-story suite at the historic Emma Hotel, before heading over to see Ariana Grande’s private sound check at AT&T Center. They watched the show from the pit and enjoyed some one-on-one time with both Normani and Ariana Grande in their dressing rooms.

But perhaps the most EPIC part of the entire experience was the transportation. Aside from the limos, helicopters, jeeps and boats, Rick and winners spent each moment between cities soaring above the clouds in their own private jet, complete with two pilots and their personal flight attendant.

Z90 morning man and host of #Epic48Hours 5.0 Rick Morton said, “What a thrill ride! It seems like an impossible task every time we embark on another #EPIC48Hours adventure! I am humbled to be a part of the team at Z90 & Morton in the Morning. P.S. If you ever fly on a private jet be prepared because it will spoil you for good!”

Winner Tabitha Exceen said, “It was non-stop surprises at every moment! Just when you think there is a second to relax and take it all in, nope, you are caught off guard with more excitement. There were so many moments I was left speechless because I couldn’t believe who I was standing in front of or what we were doing. #EPIC48Hours truly changed my life.”

Z90 Supreme Commander R Dub!, who was Executive Producer of this Epic adventure, said: “Here at Z90, we’re tired of boring, played-out and ‘easy’ radio promotions, which is why we created #EPIC48hours. This is a contest the whole market talks about; before, during and after. It’s one of the many things that puts Z90 in a “Category of One” here in San Diego. We couldn’t have pulled it off without the tremendous efforts of our entire team, including Z90 President/General Manager Gregg Wolfson, Director of Promotions Josh Hammond and all of our sponsors, label, artist and industry partners. We all have a common understanding, and that is, to win, you’ve got to do EPIC things!”

The link to watch #EPIC48Hours 5.0 THE MOVIE is here:

All five #Epic48Hours movies are posted at www.epic48hours.com and are worth watching. Past #Epic48hours have included private jets, aircraft carriers, oceanfront Malibu mansions, personal chefs, hanging out with Lady Gaga at The Super Bowl, tango lessons in Argentina, Bruno Mars in Morocco and more!

About the featured photos (click here for Dropbox link to Higher-res versions):
1. Secret breakfast meeting with Halsey
(l-r) Z90 winner Tabitha, Capitol Records artist Halsey, Z90 winner Sarah. Photo credit: Sam Dameshek.
2. A private tour of Steve Aoki’s Las Vegas pad
(l-r) Z90 winner Sarah, Ultra Records artist Steve Aoki, Z90 winner Tabitha. Photo credit: Ben Jolliffe .
3. Never forget the Alamo!
(l-r) Z90 winner Tabitha, Atlantic/Latium Records artist Ally Brooke, Z90 winner Sarah. Photo credit: R Dub!
4. The Love Boat – Ally Brooke cruises the San Antonio River with Rick Morton and the Z90 #EPIC48Hours winners 
(l-r) Z90’s Rick Morton, Atlantic/Latium Records artist Ally Brooke, winners Sarah and Tabitha. Photo credit: R Dub!
5. A Sweet Ending – #EPIC48Hours winners with Ariana Grande 
(l-r) Z90 winner Tabitha, Republic Records artist Ariana Grande, Z90 winner Sarah.  Photo credit: Dick Hertz
6. Home Sweet Home – Our Goodbyes after deplaning from our EPIC Jet 
(l-r) Z90 winners Tabitha, Sarah and Z90 morning man Rick Morton. Photo credit: R Dub!

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